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About Us


A few words about us…

The UK company “A Piece of Jewellery London” was founded by Jing Jing who loved the fact that jewellery which highlighted its heritage was fast becoming more fashionable.

Jing Jing, whilst growing up in her native Shandong Province, was inspired by the craftsmanship and hard work of her grandmother, who collected fresh oysters, to sell on the quay front in her hometown.

Her grandmother carefully stored any  pearls she found from the oysters, then using the traditional method of hand stringing with silk thread, made beautiful Pearl necklaces, which she endowed as a special and cherished gift,to each of her daughters and in turn grand daughters; so from one generation to the next.

The collections we offer are inspired by that treasured family gift, and we still use the old process of hand stringing pearls with silk thread.